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Caratteruzzi is a line of t-shirts based on type you can buy on my Threadless shop. The first t-shirt was born as a cover for the first edition of Kerning conference, in 2013. Text was originally set in Bodoni. I decided to use that quote by Galileo Galilei with the same layout, giving it a more modern twist for the Italian version.

Typography: Since I’m quite Bodoni addicted I’ve set the quote in Parmigiano. Parmigiano is a typeface by Jonathan Pierini and Riccardo Olocco for Typoteque that is a tribute to Bodoni. Galileo Galilei is set in Dic Sans by Luciano Perondi for CAST. After the Italian version, I also created an English one with the quote set in Bauer Bodoni, like the original artwork made for Kerning. Caratteruzzi means “small characters”.

Client / Personal project
Project / Graphic Design
Print / E-shop on Threadless
Year / 2016