Epilepsy? Cut it out!

Epilessia? Diamoci un taglio!
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Epilessia? Diamoci un taglio! — “Epilepsy? Cut it out!” in English — is an info campaign and a fundraiser launched to support the Epilepsy Surgery Center “Claudio Munari” based in Milan, Italy. It has the official support of the Munari Center at Niguarda Hospital.

Results: the first round of the campaign raised $ 20.000,00. But the most important thing is that the campaign helped spread the voice about epilepsy surgery, also thanks to a radio spot that was on air on Radio DJ.

Logo: represents a neural network with abnormal activities on the left side, and a normal neural network on the right side, separated by a cut (that stands for surgery).

Typography: Divenire has been used for the logotype, Zenon for text. Both typefaces courtesy of CAST (Cooperativa Anonima Servizi Tipografici). The campaign has a complementary website — Diamoci un taglio, in Italian only — that makes use of Lekton, since Divenire and Zenon are not yet available as web fonts. The trait d’union among all these typefaces is Luciano Perondi, designer of Divenire, founder of CAST, and also a member of the team at ISIA Urbino that designed Lekton.

The fundraiser is now closed, but you can still contribute by visiting the website Diamoci un taglio!

Client / Personal project
Project / Identity & Print Design
Print / Flyers by Exaprint
Year / 2016