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MemoryStore #magazziniricordati was a project for a memory store concept by | laboratorio bovisa. Magazzini Ricordati — #magazziniricordati was the official hashtag for the project — literally means “remembered warehouses”. The hashtag came from playing with words and the original name of the place, “I Magazzini Raccordati” that literally means “connected warehouses”: a really crowded place just under the Central Station in Milan, now abandoned.

Typography: these warehouses were built in the ’30s, so I used the Triennale typeface, designed in 1933 by Guido Modiano for Reggiani type foundry. Only available in lead type, I used a printed specimen to re-design the letters I then used for typing “MEMORYSTORE”. The hashtag #magazziniricordati was set in Titillium, a typeface designed by students of Campi Visivi (Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino).

Client / La.Bo.Works
Project / Logo Design
Year / 2014