Lolligo Resolutions

Lolligo Resolutions
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Lolligo Resolutions is a small company that produces inks and ink cartridges. I created and art directed an adv campaign then published in some trade magazines, and a local communication campaign made with postcards. The adv campaigned was focused on playing with words, using some famous Italian sayings. The postcard campaign was instead focused on ink, and visuals played with the phrase “Vietato restarne senza proprio sul piĆ¹ bello” (it's a pity you run out of ink at that very moment).

* Project designed while working at F-o-r-m-e Studio *

Client / Lolligo Resolutions
Project / Adv Design
Photo / Pictures by Armando Rebatto
Print / Postcards by Arti Grafiche Turati
Year / 2010