What am I doing right now?

After more or less 2 years and 6 months, in January 2016 I went back at work. Our son Leonardo suddenly fell ill in July 2013 and everything changed in our life (read our story on Medium, Epilepsy? Cut it out!).

I decided to mainly focus on two kind of projects: projects where typography plays a fundamental role, and projects based on good causes that can potentially achieve real goals in society.

I launched Epilepsy? Cut it out!, a fundraiser and communication campaign about surgery for epilepsy.

Due to an unacceptable delay in support at school, every year, I launched a communication campaign: #sostegnosempre #sostegnoascuola. Some of the visuals are now on PRATICA. Diritti al punto [Right(s) to the point], a Twitter account I'll use for communication campaigns about social issues.

I'm working with Roller Strategies, a firm focused on next-gen solutions to the world's most complex challenges.

I'm working on X1/2H: progetti di carattere: you can book a chat with me. For 30 minutes we'll talk about a graphic or communication project you have to design and I'll try to give you some ideas you can then use to create and effective project. Cost? These 30 minutes are free. Ideas are useful if they don't stay in a drawer :)

I will soon launch lookatMI, a brand I registered years ago for a project about Milan. I put it in a drawer for years, now it's time to start.

Inspired by Now project by Derek Sivers.
Last update: January 2019