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Roller Strategies
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Roller Strategies Ltd is a professional services firm focused on next-gen solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. I designed their identity: logotype, mark, signature, motto, and typography.

Results: we designed a simple, but distinctive identity, heavily based on type. Made of different elements — logo, mark, signature, typefaces, colors — Roller’s identity let them easily brand all their communication materials, using each time the element they really need: the signature, only the mark, the logo, etc. We also created a really distinctive visual tone of voice, so that every communication material they create is clearly “made by Roller”.

Logotype: Roller word is based on Mr Eaves Modern Heavy. The word has been then outlined, and some changes made to create a more distinctive visual result. Strategies word is set in Mr Eaves Modern Light.

Mark: the mark is based on agile prototyping concept. Study of Context & ProblemPrototypeTestRefineRepeat (ad libitum) ⤑ Final Solution. The mark is used in its simpler form with the logotype to create the signature, but can be used with an R inside as a kind of trademark, “Made by Roller”. The space between lines is first wide, then lines get closer and closer. The idea is to convey a sense of acceleration: the process starts slowly, but the solution comes out “at full speed”.

Signature: logotype + mark. Two versions, vertical and horizontal, both with and without the motto.

Client / Roller Strategies Ltd
Project / Identity Design
Print / Business cards by Le Typographe
Year / 2016