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Zensur.io is a project that helps to sell motor and travel/health insurance products price and structure-based upon sensor monitoring. The products are designed to change real-time based upon risk changes as they are picked up by the sensors. I designed their identity, from logo to business cards, from web layout to keynote templates.
Some key concepts and keywords included in client's brief were: zen, clean & simple, modern, friendly, safe & strong, sensing the world, non intrusive, natural, connecting.

Logo: The design of the IO element of the logo is based on some key concepts:

  • safety that is constant control (symbol: an eye)
  • connection and sensors (symbol: waves)
  • stability and strength, that are an always on service, 24h/24h (symbol: a clock)
  • zen, that is calm and relaxed, like in a zen garden (symbol: concentric circles)

Typography: Zensur.IO lettering is based on Alright Sans by Jackson Cavanaugh (Okay Type).

Client / Zensur.io
Project / Identity Design
Year / 2015